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Gentle Accessible Yoga Bundle €75.21

Christine Dunworth
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Join Christine for a gentle supported yoga practice. These classes are slow paced, using props and very gentle, this provides the perfect opportunity to explore and connect the mind , body and the breath. You will learn new ways to access yoga poses using support and discover movement in your body you never knew was possible. 

Included are 5 breathing practices that can be done as part of a yoga practice but also on its own as a meditation.

As an added bonus you also get the recording of The Grand Stretch Workshop which was a sell out this year!

Props you might like to use:

A yoga mat

A chair

Yoga blocks, sturdy water bottles or something similar to lean on or a small stool

A belt, strap, resistance band or long sock

Cushions, rolled towels, blankets, bolsters or any other soft support

An eye pillow or a sock with rice in it for relaxation at the end

Don't worry if you don't have all of these items in your home, in some of the classes no props are used at all and in others there are many, you will find which ones suit your body after a little exploration, its trial and error.

*As this product is being sold via USA vat is applied at the checkout. Total price for the course is €75.21 approx. 

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Yoga videos you can download and keep

12 Yoga Videos of various length
Including 5 using the chair and 3 short classes
BONUS 3 Breathing exercises
BONUS Workshop

Gentle Accessible Yoga Bundle €75.21

0 ratings
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